My Trip Through The Netherlands In Twenty Pictures

Just this week I finished my two-week journey around the Netherlands. It wasn’t a holiday, as some people tend to think, but a trip I undertook deliberately to write about. After spending the last six months of 2017 visiting and interviewing museum directors, some celebrities,  professionals and other experts throughout the country, I revisited all these destinations again to make the reports and interviews part of a travel story. The result is a stunning and interesting story about this small kingdom, told from many angles, but unfortunately, the book is in Dutch. On the bright side: I took hundreds of photos, and what follows below is a selection of the twenty best pictures taken during the trip. Continue reading “My Trip Through The Netherlands In Twenty Pictures”

Baffling Banff: Welcome to Canada’s STD Capital!

I came to Banff in November 2013, knowing I would be spending two years there. Before I get to a place, I never look up any information about it. After all, expectations can only disappoint, and being clueless is, in a way, being on an adventure. I did know that it was in a national park within the Rocky Mountains, I did know that I was going to be a night receptionist at a hotel, and so my expectations were based on the following two basic elements: I wanted to go hiking every morning (weather permitting), and I wanted to use the nights to write travel books. That’s it! Continue reading “Baffling Banff: Welcome to Canada’s STD Capital!”