“In Britain: The Long Path to Cape Wrath” – The travel book based on walking The Bryson Line – an update and the cover

The front cover: good to go!

Here it is: the cover of my new book In Britain: The Long Path to Cape Wrath. The story, which I’m currently writing, is about my foot journey along the so-called Bryson Line from Bognor Regis to Cape Wrath.

When I started, I did not foresee the material I would gather.

Just consider the fact that two entirely different parties, independently from each other – hell, completely unaware of each other – plotted a walk based on Bill Bryson’s book The Road to Little Dribbling – a group of expats and yours truly. Both walks took place at the same time and therefore both parties wrote – no matter how mediocre – history by being the first to walk The Bryson Line. That’s a great story element; the expats’ completely ignoring my walk adds a form of conflict to the story.

Thirteen days before their marriage, I walked by “Prince Harry” and “Meghan Markle.” I have to put their names between quotes, because I’m not 100% certain (though definitely 90%!) that it was them. Just outside a village, on a very quiet country lane, there stood a couple in the middle of the road. Seeing me approach, they immediately retreated to an Audi parked between the lane and a farm field. I walked by and then clearly saw their faces. I’m not sure if the Royal Family drives Audis, but if so, it’s got to be Harry and Meghan. I’ve written about the encounter in great detail.

Mr Bryson, in The Road to Little Dribbling, called one of the minibus drivers a “Pictish oaf.” This caused a bit of a stir during my afternoon on Cape Wrath in an unexpected way and makes the ending of The Long Path to Cape Wrath rather entertaining. Also, it makes things come full circle story-wise.

If The Road to Little Dribbling inspires more people to walk from Bognor Regis or vice versa, as it should, it might become a new End-to-End trail – an alternative, Britain’s next hiking classic. Extra inspiration is on its way. Keep an eye on this little website for any news!

Walking The Bryson Line: The Path to Cape Wrath

I treated myself to a little pre-birthday gift: a light travel laptop. It drove me crazy not to be able to write on a computer. My hand was transforming into a claw from holding the pen, I dreaded writing longhand, and I craved starting the process of writing the book about this trip. And a laptop (my other laptop is too heavy to take along on a long foot journey) also enables me to finally post a new blog. Continue reading “Walking The Bryson Line: The Path to Cape Wrath”

My Trip Through The Netherlands In Twenty Pictures

Just this week I finished my two-week journey around the Netherlands. It wasn’t a holiday, as some people tend to think, but a trip I undertook deliberately to write about. After spending the last six months of 2017 visiting and interviewing museum directors, some celebrities,  professionals and other experts throughout the country, I revisited all these destinations again to make the reports and interviews part of a travel story. The result is a stunning and interesting story about this small kingdom, told from many angles, but unfortunately, the book is in Dutch. On the bright side: I took hundreds of photos, and what follows below is a selection of the twenty best pictures taken during the trip. Continue reading “My Trip Through The Netherlands In Twenty Pictures”