In Vietnam

Traveling from Saigon to Hanoi on a Honda Win motorbike—two Dutch friends decide to give it a go. Once the bikes have been purchased in Saigon, they embark—without any experience—on an adventurous journey that takes them along the coast and into the Central Highlands.

On the way, they lose each other in Saigon’s impossible traffic, sleep in dirt cheap hotels, continuously experience engine trouble, marvel at the breathtaking landscape, and end up in tiny villages. Everything goes according to plan, until two Italian backpackers and their stunningly beautiful Russian passenger, who seem to be in a rush to get to Hanoi, join the two Dutch friends. While one of the Dutchies can barely go faster than 30 kilometers per hour uphill, the other Dutchie holds on to the jolly Italians, who are inclined to cover five-hundred kilometers per day.

Can their friendship—and the trip—withstand the ever-growing annoyances?

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