by The Writing Traveller is the website of Dutch travel writer Jeroen Vogel.

Starting out as a high school exchange student in the United States, he went on to work abroad for more than decade, including as a camp counselor in New York State, farm hand in Norway, apple picker in France, before ending this defining era in his life as a regional manager in the camping industry. He then turned his attention to two years of backpacking in Australia and a south-to-north motorcycle journey through Vietnam.

While journeying through Australia, he read Down Under by the American-British author Bill Bryson and decided that writing travel books is what he really wanted to do in life.

Fast forward to 2015, he embarked on a journey that he deliberately undertook to write about. The resulting book, American Safari, was published in 2017.

He’s currently working on a Dutch-written travel book on the Netherlands, which had him interview famous people and experts on various subjects for the first time. This book will be offered to traditional publishers within the Netherlands around April 2018.

The Dutch project will be followed by an adventurous, 1,000 kilometre walk through the United Kingdom. “The Bryson Line”, deviced by Bill Bryson in his book The Road to Little Dribbling, will serve as the route between Bognor Regis’ Leisure Pier and Cape Wrath. Using the same starting date as Paul Theroux in his The Kingdom by the Sea, Vogel will try to symbolically unite his two favourite travel authors in the book he’ll be writing based on this trip.


American Safari
Baffling Banff
In Australia (2018)
In Vietnam (2018)
In Britain (in development)

In Australië: Twee jaar in het land daaronder
In Vietnam: Met 100cc van Saigon naar Hanoi
In Nederland: Op reis in een klein koninkrijk (2018)