by The Writing Traveller is the website of Dutch travel writer Jeroen Vogel (Hoorn, 1981).

In the past, I went on working holidays (i.e. exchange student in the United States, summercamp counselor in that same country, farmhand in Norway, apple picker in France, campsite courier in Croatia and Italy) and these days I do trekkings (on foot through Great Britain, by train through Cuba, on local public transport from the polar bears to the penguins). I am single and available, but incredibly hard to seduce.

In every journey is a story, because every journey revolves, regardless of the location, around people. It’s the people and the other visitors of a country, state, province or town that confront the traveller with adventure, help, suspicion and kindness. These are the travel stories I write down, in a book or a blog. Some stories are much, much more adventurous, funnier, sadder or dramatic than others, but wherever I am and whatever I write, I’m always trying to be entertaining, informative and captivating. That’s all the consistency I can offer. Pretty good, right?

Besides the travel stories, you’ll also find travel-related articles on writingtraveller.com.

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